Greyhound Marbles

Sam Spooner

Sam was a local cowman who lived nearly all of his life at Tinsley Green, the exception being a short spell with the British Army in India. When marbles were revived in the 1930’s Sam used the same tolley that he had used when he was champion in the 1880’s, some 45 years before.


In 1935 Sam along with Ted Mobsby who organized the championships from 1935 until 1946, was asked to appear on the popular radio program ‘In Town Tonight". At the rehearsal all went well, with Ted running his finger along the lines of the script for old Sam’s eyes to focus on. When the show went on the air, Ted continued to do the same until Sam remonstrated, ‘Move your bloody finger, Ted I’ve read that bit before". After the producer commented that it was one of the most natural interviews he had ever heard!


Sam died in 1946 at the age of 85 and a plaque to his memory is now displayed outside the Greyhound overlooking his beloved marbles ring.

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