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I am sorry to announce that my father-in-law, Ron Fox, died at the end of November 2013.

Ron is well known to visitors to the tournament, where for many years now he and his wife, Jean, have run the marbles stall.

Although never a player, Ron had gained a great marbles knowledge over the years, not just of the history of our tournament but of the games in general, and he has attended many shows and demonstrations with me where we have taught both children and adults to play.

The phone enquiry number used for marbles in the UK is actually Ron and Jean's number, and every year, throughout the year, people calling from all over the world, with both media and general enquiries, some straightforward and some obscure, have always been guaranteed a friendly and helpful response, something I am very proud of and grateful for. Phone calls do not always come at the most convenient moments!

So, not only have we lost a much loved member of our family, the tournament and I have both lost one of our greatest supporters and British marbles has lost a great ambassador.

Thank you Ron.