Greyhound Marbles

Harry Langridge

Harry Langridge was a true character, he began playing marbles while he lived in Copthorne and played for ‘Crawley Tools’ in the 1940s before joining the Tinsley Tigers in 1947. He was the first player to win the Individuals title more than twice – in fact he was champion four years in succession. When I meet him in the 1970s he told me about the time he was taken to the Crawley Police Station on suspicion of burglary. He and George Burbridge had been up to the BBC Television Centre. He and George had got the last train to Gatwick and he was on his way home with his trophies in a small case. As he was walking home to Three Bridges a local bobby stopped him. After Looking in the case he was arrested and taken away. All the time he was saying but these are my ‘marble’ trophies but he was not believed. After many hours the local sergeant walked in and immediately said hello Harry what are you doing here, he told him of his arrest and where he had been, the bobby with some egg on his face for not knowing a local celebrity was then obliged to let him go with a mumbled apology.

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