Greyhound Marbles

Bow Street Fudgers

Colin Gates (Captain Marble) formed a team called the Blue Beats just after the Round Table took over the organisation of the championships, the name changed to the Bow Street Fudgers some time later.The Fudgers stayed at Tinsley in 1977, and apart from missing in 1979 they played up until they disbanded in 1989. There were several changes among the players over the years. In 1999 the Fudgers were raised from dead with Colin still captain and some of the past players restored.


Over the years the Fudgers have won the Championships 3 times and were runners up on 5 occasions. Paddy Graham won 3 of his individual titles as a member of the Fudgers.

The Bow Street Fudgers1982 team left to right Bruce Carter, Mel Hopper,

Taffy Holmes, Colin Gates Geoff Ashton and John Reynolds

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