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Black Dog Boozers


A team from the Black Dog pub in Northgate Crawley first played at Tinsley Green in 1969, I have no idea who was in that team but it must have been some of the older customers of the pub.


The Black Dog Boozers are one of the most successful team at Tinsley Green; they have played in the finals a total of 19 times, winning 14 of them.


The first time the new team played was in 1980

Black Dog 1980

Black Dog Boozers 1980

Derek Gardener, Ian Gardner, lan Wells, Steve Jenkins, Roy Wells, Colin Gardener

The next year 1981 saw the same team beat the Bow Street Fudgers 27 to 3, Ian making a score of 22 marbles.

In 1982 they were beaten in the semi finals by the Addington Alcos 25 to 8.


1984 saw them beaten in the final by the Bow Street Fudgers.

Black Dog Argus 18th April 1981 copy

Black Dog Boozers 1981

Colin Gardener, Steve Jenkins, Alan Wells, Roy Wells

Ian Gardner, Derek Gardener


Black Dog Boozers 1994

Roy Wells, Colin Gardener, Ian Gardener

Roger Kimpton, Steve Jenkins, Neil White

Black Dog Boozers 2013

Ian Gardener, Steve Jenkins, Neil White Colin Gardener

Alan Wells Roy Wells

Over the years, three members of the team have held the Individual title

1985 saw the start of a six year run as the winning team when they beat the Bow Street Fudgers.

The 1986 final was a very short match, the first 3 players made no score Ian Gardener then knocked one marble out. Taffy Holmes from the Fudgers then scored 5 marbles. The next player Terry Gant from the Boozers then made a break of 34 marbles to win the game and the Championship.

1987 saw them beat the Punters in the final 25 marbles to 15.

In 1988 it was a very close final where the Boozers beat the Fudgers 25 marbles to 22.

In 1989 the Boozers beat the Handcross Rebels 25marbles to 9.

The 1990 final was even quicker than the one in 1988; the Moonshiner went first with Mel Hooper scoring 12 marbles. Colin Gardener was up next knocking 25 strait marbles from the ring, winning the championship with only two players having taken a shot.

1991 saw the Moonshiners get their own back beating the Boozers 25 marbles to 13.

Black Dog Boozers 1985

Terry Gant, Ian Gardener, Pete Clinker

Steve Jenkins, Colin Gardener, Neil White

Dlack Dog Crawley News 10th April 1985 pp

Black Dog Boozers 1996

Colin Gardener, Roger Kimpton, Steve Jenkins, Ian Gardener

Chris Gardner, Neil White

Black Dog Boozers 2000

Colin Gardener, Chris Gardener, Neil White,

Steve Williams “Stegs” , Ian Gardener,

Steve Jenkins



Terry Gant

Ian Gardener

Colin Gardener


1986 & 2010

1988, 1997 & 2015

Black Dog Boozers - the winning team Black Dog the winning team 300dpi Black Dog Boozers the winning team 1996