Report 2013


It must have been the coldest day of the year, in fact it was the coldest day on record for over sixty years. It did have its good points, standing in the sun, out of the wind it was really warm, but then it didn’t last for long. Apart from the cold the thing that will be most remember were the antics of ‘Twosie minus one’.

Before the championship began the Mayor Councillor Keith Blake presented Mike and Dave of the Handcross 49ers with this years John Burnett award, in recognition for running and refereeing the golden oldies tournament for the past eleven years.


The Mayor Councillor Keith Blake presents Mike and Dave with the John Burnett award for refereeing the golden oldies for the past eleven years

13 teams took part in this years Championship, including 2 German teams Sachsen Brunn and 1st MC Erzgebirge. The Black Dog Boozers beat the Johnson Jets in the final to give them their 14th championship win since 1977.

Team Championship 2013

First Round
1st MC Erzgebirge 21 v Charlwood Strikers 4
Black Dog Pups 2 v Sachsen Brunn 5
Twosie Minus One 8 v Virgins 7 Turners Hill Tolleymen 4
Yorkshire Meds 10 v Johnson Jets 25
Rolling Drunk 1 v Caterham Cowboys 25
Quarter Finals
Black Dog 25 v Sachsen Brunn 12
Johnson Jets 27 v Handcross Rebels 9
Handcross 49ers 25 v Caterham Cowboys 2
1st MC Erzgebirge 25 v Twosie Minus One 9
Semi Finals
Johnson Jets 25 v Handcross 49ers 10
1st MC Erzgebirge 15 v Black Dog 26
Johnson Jets 18 v Black Dog 25

Individual Championship

Neil Black Dog 0k
Magic Twosie Minus One 2
Miami 1st MC Erzgebirge 3
Paul Johnson Jets 5k
Thorsten Sachsen Brunn 0k
Zach Handcross Rebels 3
Mourad Yorkshire Meds 3
Nash Charlwood Strikers 1
Matt Black Dog Pups 2
Darren Handcross 49ers 8
Chris Reigning Champion 16
Jan Rolling Drunk 0

Individual Winner Chris Pampel

Best Lady Player

There were five lady players on the list, I looked high and low, inside the pub and outside around the ring. But could I find Jan the final lady player No, as it turned out Jan was in fact male, so we put him the Individuals and got on with match.

Best Lady Player
Leila Yorkshire Meds 6
Justine Sachsen Brunn 2
Alison Handcross 49ers 7
Gabbi Sachsen Brunn 2

Best Lady Alison Reimer


Runners Up Johnson Jets


Team Winners Black Dog Boozers


Golden Oldies winner Paul Smith


13 teams or 78 players
24 Tolleys were nose dropped
588 target marbles were used - 340 or 58% were knocked out
25 players were killed two of them twice and one three times
25 players had no score and 9 players made double figures
Paul Smith made the highest Break of the day with 23 marbles

The British Marbles Board of Control would like to thank

Jon Best and all the staff at The Greyhound * Jean and Ron Fox
Worthing Mind * Dick Streeter of Bonabrill
Mol, the main tournament referee * Dave and Mike of the 49ers
Charlie Dewdney – Drawmaster

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