Report 2009


The rain started early and kept up most of the day

September 2008 saw the Greyhound close, it was quite unexpected and came as a bit of a shock to us all. The first I knew about it was when I had a phone call from a reporter asking for my reaction about the closure. As you can imagine I was appalled and told him that even if the pub was still closed we would still play there on Good Friday even if we had to climb over a fence to get in.

As it turned out the Greyhound reopened round about Christmas time. Jonathan Best took over and set about revitalising the pub and putting it back on the map.

It may have been for this reason that we only had 16 teams playing this year and not the usual 20 or so, the last time we had so few teams was in 1995.

The few days before the event was warm and sunny, the early morning started out just right, crisp and dry. Zachary and I put out the chairs at about 7.30am and at 8 o’clock there was a spot or two of fine rain. The gazebo was quickly erected and placed over the ring ready for the day to come.

Play started at about 10.30. The first game was between Turners Hill Tolleymen and the Bognor Martlets

Individual Championship

There was a bit of a mix up on my part about the rules which state, ‘at the end of each round the scores will be added up and any player whose score plus the number of marbles remaining in the ring equals less than the current top score will be eliminated’. At the end of the third round only three of the players could have won the title Darren, Chris or Halim and the other players should have been eliminated, leaving them to play on. I let the match continue until Halim knocked out the last marbles and then declared him the winner. The three players were told of the mistake a short while later and they decided to let the result stand – which goes to show what the championship is all about and shows that at Tinsley Green we value tradition over competition.

Torsten Sachsenbrunner 4
Darren Handcross 49ers 10
Aziz Yorkshire Meds 3
Graham Johnson Jets 0
Barry Handcross Rebels 3
Chris 1st MC Erzgebirge 14
John Turners Hill Tolleymen 0 K
Goff Virgin Trolleys 0
Lara Bognor Marlets 1
Halim Reigning Champion 15
Will Turners Hill Tolleymen 2
Kyle Barrel Scrapers 0
Astor Rolling Drunks 2
Neil Black Dog 3

For the second year Individual winner Halim Tata

Best Lady Player

Best Lady Player
Leila Yorkshire Meds 6
Alison Handcross 49ers 11
Lara Bognor Marlets 0 K
Astor Rolling Drunks 5
Gabbi Sachsenbrunner 1 K
Derry Virgin Trolleys 0 K
Jen Barrel Scrapers 4


• 16 teams or 96 players
• 30 Tolleys were nose dropped
• 735 target marbles were used - 415 or 56% were knocked out
• 18 players were killed - two of them twice
• 29 players had no score and 9 players made double figures
• Darren Ray made the highest Break of the day with 23 marbles


Runners Up the Handcross 49ers 


The Yorkshire Meds team winner


It was a long day & cameraman Chris
 had seen it all before


A cake showing a marbles game was made by
the mother of one of the bar staff.

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