Report 2007

1St game of the day 2007

First game of the day

For many years now Good Friday and a considerable time leading up to it has been dominated by marbles in one form or another for my whole family, with numerous phone enquiries etc answered by all of them and I greatly appreciate all the support they give me and the hours they spend here for each championship. It has not put off Zachary, who not only plays now but has already declared that he will be taking over the organising when I die!

Zachary and I arrived at the Greyhound around 7.45 to start work putting out the chairs and preparing the rings for play. Well what a surprise we had, already it was a hive of activity, a bar had been set up in the garage and bacon rolls were being prepared on the barbeque round the back of the pub. Dennis the new landlord had been busy indeed.

The other factor for a good day was also in evidence, the sun was out and the day was warm. Teams began to arrive. A coach from London arrived with two teams, The Black Horse and The Possee on board. Old established teams including the Handcross Rebels, the Black Dog, Barrel Scrapers and The Tollymen, some newer teams like the Yorkshire Meds, Saxonia and the 1st Mc Erzgebirge, plus other 1st time teams like Miss Marble Investigates were also there.

The 1st MC Erzgebirge came with eleven players, six in the team with five reserves. After some negotiations my son Zachary was invited to make up the numbers and two teams were entered.
The first round was underway just after 11 am and the first game was between a first time team Captain Ringer and His Merry Men and the Handcross Rebels. We used two rings, the main ring and the side ring nearest the pub. Another of the new teams was ‘Miss Marble Investigates’ from London; you can see the report of their two games and the tournament on

Neil White of the Black Dog Boozers was the player who had come the furthest to play as he now lives in Denver, Colorado and came over specially to take part.

The main ref Mol 2007

Mol Tournament Referee

Team Championship

First Round
Captain Ringer & His Merry Men 9 v Handcross Rebels 24
Black Horse 5 v Tinsley Tigers 6
The Jolly Oddballs 7 v Virgins 7 Barrel Scrapers 10
Charlwood Strikers 17 v Only Here for the Beer 6
Charlwood Reserves 6 v The Possee 6
Bareback MC 6 v Black Dog 25
Miss Marbles Investigates 8 v Last Minuters 3
Second Round
1st MC Erzgebirge I 25 v Yorkshire Meds 16
The Latecomers 1 v Greyhound Fauckers 8
Charlwood Reserves 10 v 1st MC Erzgebirge II 16
Barrel Scrapers 23 v Saxonia 24
Black Dog 25 v Johnson Jets 16
Tinsley Tigers 7 v Turners Hill Tolleymen 17
Charlwood Strikers 17 v Handcross Rebels 15
Miss Marbles Investigates 2 v Handcross 49ers 25
Quarter Finals
Charlwood Strikers 25 v Turners Hill Tolleymen 6
1st MC Erzgebirge I 31 v Black Dog 4
Saxonia 21 v 1st MC Erzgebirge II 26
Handcross 49ers 25 v Greyhound Fauckers 5
Semi Finals
1st MC Erzgebirge II 25 v Charlwood Strikers 19
Handcross 49ers 13 v 1st MC Erzgebirge I 25
1st MC Erzgebirge I 25 v 1st MC Erzgebirge II 15
Individual winner and Best Lady 2007

Brother and sister Individual winner Darren Ray
Best Lady Alison Reimer

Best Lady Player

The best eight lady players were asked to ‘Nose Drop’ for position and 25 marbles were placed in the ring. After 7 rounds two players were level with 6 marbles each, Juliette then knocked a marble out, as did Alison. Gabi the defending champion then made a score of one, it was at this point that Anne knocked out the one remaining marble, which meant that Alison with a score of 7 could not be over taken and was declared the winner.

Best Lady Player
Juliette Barrel Scrapers 1
Alison Handcross 49ers 1
Josie Golden Oldies 1
Gabbi Defending Champion 5
Anne Barrel Scrapers 3
Jean Golden Oldies 2
Jana 1st MC Erzgebirge II 0 K
Jen Barrel Scrapers 6
Zachary shoots from the edge of the ring 2007

Honorary German for the day
Zachary McCarthy-Fox, the only Englishman in the Final


• 23 teams or 140 players
• 44 Tolleys were nose dropped
• 1078 target marbles were used - 650 or 60% were knocked out
• 26 players were killed one of them twice
• 34 players had no score and 22 players made double figures
• Chris Pampel of the 1st MC Erzgebirge Neukirchen team made the highest Break of the day with 25 marbles

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