Report 2005

Stan the man 1

Stan “The Man” Larbey
1935 – 2005

Sadly "Stan the Man", captain of the Tinsley Tigers, died on February 25th. Stan was a well-known character at The Greyhound and was particularly loved by photographers covering the tournament and I am sure his image will live forever. Stan's family and friends have donated a new trophy in his memory, and after much discussion with them it has been decided that this should reflect the contribution to the success of this tournament of players such as Stan, who are never going to be the best, but are keen to play a part in upholding a tradition. Anyone who knew Stan will remember that he was as well known for his raffles as for his terrible marble playing and the unique way in which this trophy will be won reflects this.

Stan nose drops

Stan’s last nose drop

Captain Marble with the Stan Larbey Trophy

Captain Marble 1st ever winner of the Stan Larbey Trophy

Stan Larbey Memorial Trophy
Donated in memory of the long-time captain of the Greyhound's home team, The Tinsley Tigers, this is a new trophy to be awarded annually to a player who has competed in the British and World Marbles Championship without winning a game. Any player whose team is defeated in the first game it plays, and who has never won any marbles title or prize at Tinsley Green, either individually or as a member of a team, is eligible for this award and all will have an equal chance of winning. Each eligible player will be given a raffle ticket at the end of the qualifying game and when each team has played once a draw will be held. The holder of the winning ticket will be awarded the trophy. The trophy will be retained at The Greyhound, with the player's name added, thus recording his or her part in the history of the tournament, and acknowledging that our less skilled players are equally valued for the part they play here at Tinsley Green.

This year Good Friday was much earlier than usual and still ‘Winter Time’, the clocks went forwards two days after the event. Even so it was a good day with some cloud and some sunshine. Towards the end of the day the light began to go and it made the target marbles much harder to see. To help finish on time we had drawn up an order of play for the end of the tournament, which worked well it was: -

Final of the Golden Oldies Competition
• Play off for the Nina Cohen Trophy for the ‘best lady player’
• 1st team semi final
• 2nd team semi final
• Individual Final
• Team Final

Team Championship

First Round
To Be Confirmed 3 v Tinsley Tigers 5
1st MC Erzgebirge II 4 v Black Dog Boozers 23
Yorkshire Meds 21 v Virgins 7 Royal Oak 3
Bloody Marbellous Too 2 v Schwarzmurmler 7
Caterham Cowboys 7 v The Lions 5
Team and the Driver 3 v Handcross 49ers 11
The Johnson 14 v Simply Marbellous 3
Second Round
Yorkshire Meds 22 v Handcross Rebels 16
Schwarzmurmler 10 v Saxonia I 27
Caterham Cowboys 12 v Barrel Scrapers 22
Tinsley Des Res 11 v Handcross 49ers 25
The Johnson 20 v Tinsley Tigers 0
1st MC Erzgebirge I 14 v Black Dog Boozers 25
Cotswold Cobblers 9 v Bloody Marbellous 7
Turners Hill Tolleymen 17 v Charlwood Strikers 16
Quarter Finals
Saxonia I 27 v The Johnson 13
Cotswold Cobblers 7 v Barrel Scrapers 25
Black Dog Boozers 16 v Handcross 49ers 26
Yorkshire Meds 7 v Turners Hill Tolleymen 25
Semi Finals
Saxonia I 18 v Barrel Scrapers 25
Turners Hill Tolleymen 8 v Handcross 49ers 25
Handcross 49ers 20 v Barrel Scrapers 25
Monny on his way to an 18 break

Monny on his way to 18 marbles

Individual Championship

With so many teams playing there was a need to arrange a play off for the main event, 12 players against each other for the two remaining places. Darren with 12 marbles and Suzi with 10 marbles went on to play in the final.

In the final there were 12 players, 11 from this year and Chris Pampel the current champion. Four rounds were played and Monny had a break of 18 in the first round other players had accounted for a further 13 marbles, with left 18 marbles in the ring. Only Chris and Graham had any chance of beating Monny as we went into the second round. Jon scored 1 marble and then Dave knocked one out, only Graham could still beat him but he was then killed. Neil knocked 2 marbles out which meant that no one could overtake Monny who was declared the 2005 champion.

Jon Charlwood Strikers 1
Sam Cotswold Cobblers 0
Chris 1st MC Erzgebirge I 3
Darren Handcross 49ers 0
Suzi 1st MC Erzgebirge II 1
Dave Turners Hill Tolleymen 3
Mourad Yorkshire Meds 0
Graham The Johnson 7
Neil Black Dog 2
Monny Barrel Scrapers 18
Stefan Saxonia I 0
Tom Handcross Rebels 0

'Monny' Simon Monahan Individual winner for the 4th time

Best Lady Player

As last year the highest scoring lady player in each team in its first match played qualified to play for the title. There were 9 contestants and the match was played using 4 target marbles per player, plus 1, a nose drop decide the order of play, the winner was Suzi with a score of 10 marbles.

Best Lady Player
Suzi 1st MC Erzgebirge II 10
Jessica Saxonia II 6
Sue Tinsley Tigers 2
Marb al Bloody Marbellous Too 0
Marblella Simply Marbellous 1
Anne Barrel Scrapers 1
Marbelle Bloody Marbellous 0
Hops Schwarzmurmler 0
Alison Handcross 49ers 4

Runners Up Handcross 49ers


Barry Ray Golden Oldie.

Zacharys first year at TG

Zachary McCarthy-Fox age 8 the youngest player to
participate at Tinsley Green in 2005

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