Report 2001

General View

General View 2001

It was Friday 13th April the day of the championships; I set off bright and early for the Greyhound, Tinsley Green. At 7.30 am it was cold, too early for the sun. I arrived at 8 am and began putting the 100 white plastic chairs around the main ring to keep the playing area free of cars.
Some of the sand to be used was still a little damp, to dry it, it was sprinkled over the three rings to be used of the days play-So far so good.

Sanding the Ring

Sam sanding the ring

In the office the draw, score sheets and the other paper work was sorted out. Red target marbles were counted out – 49 plus some extras for each of the three rings. Red marbles are traditional in England whereas blue are used at the National Marbles Tournament at Wildwood.
Julia my wife arrived to register the team ready for play, this year 13 team pre-registered – nine British teams and four from Germany. Six other teams registered on the day making 19 teams in all.

Nose Drop

The nose drop in the final game

Team Championship

First Round
Cruisers 15 v Purple Heads 7
Saxonia I 22 v Top Tolley Totties 1
The Tolleymen 12 v Virgins 7 Where's Ma Balls 5
Bow Street Fudgers 23 v Tinsley Tigers 14
Second Round
Earlswood Army 12 v Barrel Scrapers 18
Handcross 49ers 19 v The Tolleymen 18
Saxonia I 26 v Handcross Rebels 13
Johnson Jets 21 v Saxonia II 10
1st MSC Smithy 12 v Wunch of Bankers 4
Schwarzmurmler 10 v The Lions 11
Bow Street Fudgers 13 v Black Dog Boozers 25
Quarter Finals
Cruisers 21 v Barrel Scrapers 17
Saxonia I 15 v Handcross 49ers 25
1st MSC Smithy 8 v Johnson Jets 25
Black Dog Boozers 26 v The Lions 17
Semi Finals
Cruisers 14 v Handcross 49ers 27
Johnson Jets 33 v Black Dog Boozers 3
Handcross 49ers 18 v Johnson Jets 25
Winning Team

The winning team 2001From l to r Graham Smith, Trevor Baker, Les Rogers
Donny Smith, Paul Smith and individual champion Mark Parsons

Individual Championship

In the Individuals four marbles for each of the 19 players plus one extra are placed in the ring, 77 marbles this year. Each of the contenders dropped the tolley from nose level to decide the order of play.

John The Tolleymen 7
Tim The Lions 1
Dave Wunch of Bankers 10 K
Randy Saxonia II 5
Stefan Schwarzmurmler 6
Glyn Purple Heads 3
Freddie Saxonia II 3 K
Swampo Cruisers 8
Tom Tinsley Tigers 0 K
Alison Handcross 49ers 4
Chris Black Dog Boozers 2
Adrian Where's Ma Balls 0 K
Jon Barrel Scrapers 2
Richard Handcross Rebels 3
Mark Johnson Jets 13
Nick Earlwood Army 1
Tony Bow Street Fudgers 4 K
Nina Top Tolley Totties 0
Roger 1st MSC Smithy 1

After five rounds 68 of the marbles were knocked out of the ring, Mark with 13 was in the lead and only Swampo with eight could beat him. In the sixth round the first five players knocked out five of the remaining marbles and Mark was declared the winner. (The biggest surprise of the day was the break of 9 Dave of the Wunch of Bankers which took him 10 minutes to achieve.)

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