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Sad news from Mourad Kara of the Yorkshire Meds

Sadly, Akil Tata, my father in-law (Leila's father) passed away a couple of weeks ago (after a sudden heart attack) . He was 77 years old & apparently healthy, so took all of us by surprise.

Akli Tata was one of our key players since our first game/participation in 2004, and he has been with us in the team since. He also played all the Golden Oldies since 2004.

He was very very passionate about marbles and the tournament. He made his annual travel to the UK coincide with the tournament and came around 6 weeks in advance. He took pleasure in explaining to the passport control officers (when asked purpose of the visit) "I am also coming to participate in the World marbles championships". He was very keen on training and enjoyed the afternoon training & coffee sessions with the team & family/friends. He really enjoyed the day of the tournament.

He also built a full size marbles ring in his house in Algiers in 2010 and got the grand children to play following the tournament rules. You can see photos and comments on this in the Yorkshiremeds website (scrolling down the main web page).

We take comfort in knowing that he has been four times World champion; enjoyed the game & play; and he took immense pleasure in talking about it and explaining how it works.


Akli second from the right in 2011

This year 18 team took part in the wettest Good Friday I have ever seen at Tinsley Green.

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